Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kurt Kelly Sits Down With Iconic Actor, Producer, and Writer Paul Sampson

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Dynamically talented actor Paul Sampson will be sitting down today at 12pm PST with host Kurt Kelly today.  Check out the interview live here: Paul is an actor, producer, and director of critical acclaim who has become an establishment in the acting world since the 90's.

Paul started his training in the acting world working with the best, be was working with Bernard Rheele of Vaudeville.  He has worked with many of the classic greats including Carlton Coyer, Donald Buka, and Liz Dixon.

Paul took to the stage at the tender age of seven when he played Santa in the school play.  He did so to great critical acclaim and caught the bug for acting ever since.

Paul has had many different roles and has played everything from a clown, to a killer, and a person suffering from mental handicap.  He has great command of the role both physically and mentally and has even altered his mannerisms to take on more challenging roles.  He has even played two different roles in the same play, in Steinbeck in which he received critical acclaim for his portrayal.

Paul easily went from the stage to the silver screen and has been in television as well as film.  He has appeared internationally in both leading and supporting roles.  Paul is also an excellent writer and is a screenwriter in his own right.  He has been nominated and awarded for his work in Victory Rose, as well as in Whacked!, which he wrote and co-starred in.

For Paul, having writing and starring credits in a movie is not unfamiliar territory. However, he has recently reached a new milestone. In addition to writing and starring, he has also produced and directed the film "Night of the Templar." The story is an original concept in which a Medieval Knight returns after 700 years to exact revenge on the kindred spirits of those who betrayed him so long ago. In addition to Paul's lead performance, the feature also stars some of his dear friends and fellow actors. Norman Reedus (Walking Dead - Boondock Saints), Max Perlich (Blow), Udo Kier (Blade), Billy Drago (Untouchables) and David Carradine (Kill Bill) help round out the cultish film's cast of colorful characters.  

Paul splits his time in New York and Hollywood.  He also travels to Europe and London on a regular basis to take in new experiences.  Paul is one of the most talented actors, producers, and writers of his time.

Paul was interviewed by icon and phenomena Kurt Kelly, who has been a part of the entertainment industry for 30 years.  Kurt has interviewed the creme de la creme of Hollywood, and the music world.  Kurt has an endearing method of getting to the heart of any interview.  He is one of the most sought after interviewers in the industry.

The interview was held at the ActorsE Chat set live at Pepper Jay Productions.  Pepper broadcasts from there live 5 days per week in the heart of Hollywood.  She is the producer and director of the show and has had over 6 million views.  

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