Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kurt Kelly to Interview Versatile Talented Actor Jeff Manabat on ActorsE Chat

Jeff Manabat is a legend in Hollywood and San Francisco. He has been performing with the Kinsey Sicks since 2004. He has been dancing and performing and has been bringing glamour to the group since then. He has brought a new level of choreography as well as fashion to the group and has made them one of the most well-known drag acts in the U.S... Jeff will be sitting down will host Kurt Kelly to discuss his career and all things entertainment.  Check out the interview live today at 10am Here: http://kurtkelly.com/watch/kurt-kelly-sits-down-to-interview-versatile-actor-jeff-manabat

Jeff is an active member of the group known as the Kinsey Sicks, first started in 1993 the group was on their way to a birthday party in drag.  They had dressed up thinking that all other guests were going to be doing so as well.  However, when they arrived they realized that that was in fact not the case and instead they were the only people who were dressed up for the affair.  They were approached by many people who asked them to sing and dance.  At first, they were responding that they did not sing and dance.  However, as they evening wore on, their inhibitions broke down and they gave it a try.  To their own amazement they were actually quite good.  At that point they decided that they were going to continue instead singing and dancing, and a legend was born.

Famous for all of the glam, sequins, and style of their group they coined a term that was known as dragapella.  Or a kind of acapella that was done in drag, they then decided to make and cover political satires so that they would be able to keep the topics relevant and fun but still with a hint of seriousness.  The original foursome was very well known in San Francisco, and eventually it was necessary to replace some of the members as some retired and others passed away.  On a stage one fateful evening in San Fran, Jeff was spotted when he was singing and dancing in a play called, "When Pigs Fly."

Jeff was already a great actor and was in the drama program at Berkeley, when they spotted him they knew that he was their long lost "Trixie."  She is one of the most flamboyant characters of the group and often is reported for calling the other ladies, her back up singers.  Trixie is one of the few characters who has continually reinvented herself going from Latina, to blonde, to now Asian.  Her appearance has represented the collective changing of the American populace itself.  Jeff has brought new vigor to the character now more than ever stepping up the amount of glamour, sequins, and run way fashion on the stage.  Thanks to his definition of Trixie since 2004, the Kinsey Six has become more than a San Francisco institution.  Now, they are starring in movies in Hollywood and have been entertaining masses all over the country on the movie screen.  They started off with their first movie in 2006 which was "I Wanna Be a Republican."

Jeff will be interviewed by Kurt Kelly, "The Voice of Experience", one of the most sought after interviewers in Hollywood.  Kurt has been a part of the entertainment industry for 30 years, continually delighting and transforming the perspective of the audience into one of amazement and engagement.

This amazing show will be coming to you live from the Pepper Jay Studios in the heart of Hollywood.  Pepper Jay is the CEO of her company and produces and directs all of her shows on all things entertainment 5 days per week.  Pepper Jay recently won a Telly for her engaging production.

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