Monday, February 10, 2014

February 2014 Updates and Life in Motion for Live Video, Inc.

February 2014 Updates and Life in Motion for Live Video, Inc.
This is an update of all things Live Video, Inc. for the month of February 2014.

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Director Wren T. Brown Sits Down With Host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat

Kurt Kelly will be sitting down live with amazing director, producer, and actor Wren T. Brown.  Wren has been a staple in the industry for thirty years and has worked in movies and television.  With his different perspectives of being in front of and behind the camera, he has the ability to adapt to any project, role, or budget.  Wren has worked with the best in the industry and has been a part of movies like, I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, Waiting to Exhale, and Midnight Clear.  He is also well known for his roles on The Simpsons as well as Star Trek the Next Generation. Check out the interview live here:


Do You Ever Wish Life Had an Undo Button?

Blitz recognizes how awkward those moments can be sometimes, when the Zombie Apocolypse starts early, you pick up that hitchhiker with the chainsaw, or you really just need a mulligan in the game of life.  That is why Blitz has created the new undo button, which will give you a chance to take back all of those moments, which you wish had never happened.  Check out the clip here: Kurt Kelly is the Blitz Button's official voice, a way to make life easier for all of those mulligans we face on a daily basis.  Check out more of Kurt's work here:


Inspired Guns The Official Trailer

In the Live Video, Inc. many movie trailers are produced and executed.  If you need a movie trailer, you will get no finer than here in the Live Video, Inc. studio.  Inspired Guns is the newest comedy trailer produced in the studios.  It is the story of two Mormon gentlemen who decide that they must convert a member of the mafia as they keep hearing signs they need to work with "The Boss".  This and other movie trailers can be found here:


Real Heroes from Sony Pix as Voiced By CEO of Live Video, Inc. Kurt Kelly

Real heroes stand and face danger where others would turn and run.  We watch movies to get wrapped up, entranced, and involved in the story.  There is nothing better than being able to lose yourself in an evening of amazing film and to know you are able to enjoy the break in the afternoon.  Sony has some of the best lined up for you with Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and many other classics.  Check out this video produced in the Live Video, Inc. studio by CEO Kurt Kelly here: Also check out more videos like this one here:

Sony Pix Brings You Two American Classics Back to Back

There are some legends which we cannot get enough of, like Rocky Balboa.  For that reason Sony is showing Rocky 4 and Rocky Balboa back to back.  Sit down and buckle up for the adrenaline fueled ride of your life with Rocky overcoming insurmountable obstacles to become a champion.  This video was produced in the Live Video, Inc. studios with CEO of Live Video, Inc. Kurt Kelly as it's official voice.  Check out more videos like this one here:http://


Check Out Robocop First

Robocop is the perfect combination of man and machine.  There is an awesome sweepstakes as well that would allow you to win 1200 pairs of tickets if you respond quickly enough.  Check out the classic film before any one else in India has a chance to see it.  Kurt Kelly, the CEO of Live Video, Inc. is the official voice of Sony Pix, see more videos produced in the Live Video, Inc. studios here to keep you enthralled:


Toyota Quality Cannot Be Compomised

Toyota knows that it is not possible to compromise on quality and they hold all of their technicians and their factories to that standard.  Every piece of equipment is tested along the way ensuring the highest possible standards in craftsmanship as well as safety.  Kurt Kelly is the signature voice of Toyota.  Check out the video here produced in the Live Video, Inc. Studio:


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