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Actress, Singer, and Legend Marla Gibbs Chats With Host Pepper Jay on ActorsE Chat

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Tomorrow on ActorsE Chat Pepper Jay will sit down with actress and legend, Marla Gibbs. Watch the interview live here at 10am PST: Since the 1970s, she has been a household name since her role on the Jefferson’s.  She has kept us laughing and crying and wondering who else would be able to match George Jefferson’s wit and frugality.  Marla has always been used to dealing with people with big personalities as she had a background in the airline business.

When she was 44, she landed the role on the Jefferson’s, and then she ended up with her own sitcom.  She was then an international celebrity after her role on the Jefferson’s, known for her sarcasm and her wit, she found herself divorced and a mother of three beautiful children.  She got into the acting business when she was transferred from Detroit to Los Angeles.

She was originally from Chicago and was born in 1931, then she married at 13, she was a mother who never thought about becoming an actress.  Marla went into business school and then worked as a receptionist in Detroit.  After that she found a position with United Airlines, she moved to Los Angeles when she was transferred there, she then was quickly enchanted by the Hollywood lights.  She then was a part of many local productions, and appeared in many other local productions.
Marla was a part of many small films when she then got the role of Florence Johnston.  She then was in the role of Florence and was scheduled to only be on the show only for one episode.  However, the audience ate her up when they saw her sass and personality.  Marla still continued to keep her day job with United Airlines until she had 5 Emmys under her belt.  This role gave her the springboard to many other roles as well as spinoffs and updates, everyone wanted to stay plugged into Florence Johnston.
Marla’s daughter Angela, produced a play called 227, which was then starring Mala as the female leaf.  After this the play was a hit overnight and Marla purchased the rights.  She then continued on as well realizing its success, she packaged it was for television and leveraged her connections from theJefferson’s to take it to the silver screen.  227 was then a series on NBC which ran for 5 years.  Marla was a warmer and funnier character than she had been on the Jefferson’s.
She has won the NAACP Image Award eight times and has also been named the Essence Woman of the year.  She has moonlighted as well on many shows such as ER, Cold Case, Touched By an Angel, Judging Amy, The King of Queens, and Chappelle Show.  Marla has also been a part of the soap world and has been a part of shows such as Passions, Pryor’s Place; The Hughley’s and played in Lily in Winter alongside Natalie Cole.
Marla has been back on the big screen as well with many roles such as Up Against the Wall, The Meteor Man, Lost and Found, Foolish, Border to Border, The Brothers, The Visit, and Stanley’s Gig.
Marla is also an accomplished singer and voice actress.  She has been a part of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.  In addition to this she also recorded and sang the theme song to “In the Memory of You.”  Marla has also released her own CD as of 2006 with her theme song to 227.
Marla will be interviewed by Kurt Kelly, the Voice of Experience who delights viewers with his probing and personal interview technique.  Kurt is one of the most sought after interviewers in the industry and has interviewed many A list celebrities and guests.

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