Monday, February 3, 2014

ActorsE Chat Flashes Back to AFI-AFM 2013 With Host Kurt Kelly

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Although AFM and AFI are over, there is some amazing footage just now being covered by host Kurt Kelly and ActorsE Chat.  Today host Kurt Kelly, will flash back and look at some of the brightest interviews including Alec Shapiro, the CEO of Sales and Marketing for Sony, Jen Kleiner and awarded film maker, as well as Jessica Ripoll of AFI.

From the AFM coverage of 2013 today Kurt will be interviewing Deforest Mapp an acclaimed actors, as well as Nick Liam Heaney and Kayla Tabbish from Wizarddream, and Diana Ward and Christina Beck, both acclaimed producers.

Sony was present at AFI to present technology grants and equipment to the students at the Institute allowing them to create cinematographic magic while still students at the institute.  In addition to this Sony has always had a close partnership with AFI, helping them to continue training the great minds of tomorrow and assisting with creating excellence on film.

One student of AFI who has been nominated for her work is Jen Kleiner; Kurt spoke with her about what it was like to attend AFI as well as her plans for the future and thoughts about the institute.  She has produced a few short films and is now making her way to full length productions, both Romantic comedies and comedy.  Kurt also spoke with Jessica Ripoll who was one of the event coordinators about what it took to put on a production like AFI to begin with.

Kurt also spoke with actor, producer, and photographer Deforest Mapp, who was present at AFM promoting a few upcoming projects he has been a part of.  In addition to his time as a photographer since 2007, he has produced and starred in both television and also in film.  He has also been in many shorts.
Kayla Tabbish and Nick Liam Heaney spoke with Kurt as well about their past projects as well as the project that they were there to promote Wizarddream.  This was an excellent magical story about Medieval Times that kept the entire audience entertained.  Kayla is also very well known for her role in Girl Next Door, and many other films in which she plays the female lead.

Diana Ward and Christina Beck also spoke with Kurt about their projects they were present at AFM promoting. Diana is an acclaimed music composer and producer, while Christina has been in countless shorts, television shows, and films.

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