Monday, June 29, 2015

*Model Actress Mariela I’V with host John Michael Ferrari on ActorsE

this feels like such an unimportant person to have in the blog
we have standards right? do we really need to talk about her???
REALLY? uninteresting, unimportant and just plain boring
can we please raise our bar? PLEASE! I can't edit this to make it more curious to readers!

Model Actress Mariela I’V with host John Michael Ferrari on ActorsE

Mariela I’V is an eccentric method actress and model living in Los Angeles. Although, born in Idaho, her family background has Spanish and Bolivian roots and endearingly calls her Bolivia, “the heart of South America”. Mariela has always felt a strong connection the dramatic arts, expressing herself first through modeling at 14 years old, while pursuing acting aspirations. While in Denver, Mariela worked for the popular magazine “303 Magazine”, and was the host for their live fashion and beauty photo shoots.

Once Mariela settled in LA she was mentored by Paul Parker. Paul Parker is known for being the teacher/mentor to Russell Crowe and Kate Blanchet as well as the owner of the AIDA Institute in Hollywood.

Mariela to date has been featured on several television shows including the Millionaire Matchmaker, 12 Corazones, Who Wants To Date A Comedian, Grey’s Anatomy, and a guest appearance on the Tom Green show. She has also been featured on Actors Reporter and Playboy radio en Español.

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