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Live Video, Inc. News January 23, 2015

Live Video, Inc. News January 23, 2015

Live Video, Inc. is a full-service entertainment solutions project provider for your business to business and business to consumer needs. If you are looking to fund your television, film, video game, multimedia and other business projects, website development and implementation, a new custom application, software testing, marketing or consulting from inception to completion and end user delivery;  we are here to support you 24-7-365. Live Video, Inc. has a network of international partners and affiliates who work to ensure you always have someone available to support your project needs. We have work for and consulted the Fortune 500, in every aspect of industry, government, institutions and private sectors; and are ready to create a your new business and branding strategies, to bring your projects to life. Visit, email your inquiries to, or call +1-310-925-2709 

A Dynamic Update for January 2015 for Live Video, Inc. News and all things 

Entertainment from Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond! Published 1/23/201511/3/2014

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Kurt Kelly Interviews Actress and Producer Kayla Tabish on ActorsE

Being a mix of many different cultures, Kayla Tabish is originally from Washington State. Tabish grew up in a family that had nothing to do with Hollywood. Kayla's father, who was an artist who passed away when Tabish was 16, and her mother is a teacher and is Kayla's unconditional supporter!

Kayla Tabish has always been interested in drama and the stage from a very young age. Kayla always would rehearse accepting awards in a mirror as a child.  Kayla Tabish was on stage for the first time in 6th grade and loved it.  After deciding that Washington was not for her; Kayla Tabish left the State of Washington and went to school at San Diego University, pursuing a career in business and drama in the California Golden State. 

Kayla then realized that she needed to head to Hollywood. When Tabish arrived she auditioned as an extra on The Girl Next Door. Due to a stroke of luck, the stars aligned and Kayla Tabish was cast in a role; and not as an extra. The rest is history!  According to The New York Times, Kayla Tabish registers human feelings, rooted in intense, even discomforting empathy. See Kayla Tabish with Kurt Kelly on ActorsE talking about her career in Hollywood. ActorsE air Monday - Friday at 1pm EST and 10am PST and is a Co-Production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions. In case you missed the talented young actress, you can also catch the replay online.

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The Year Begins With a Bang With SONY PIX

Imagine being able to relax and enjoy an entire afternoon of amazing programming. There is no better way to end 2014. Well, you will be delighted to know that SONY PIX is bringing the year to end with a bang, in the best way they know with great movies!  Tune in to see 6 monster hits on the last day of the year, and you will be able to kick back and take it all in. The Smurfs 2, The Hobbit 2, and many more! Get the popcorn ready and tune in! The Signature Voice of tracks for Sony Entertainment Television Networks by Kurt Kelly, Actor , Voice Over Artist; are produced daily in the studios of Live Video, Inc. for SONY PIX, SONY PIX HD, and numerous other clients around the world.

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                Kurt Kelly Interviews Agent Jeffrey Jones on ActorsE Chat

Agent Jeffrey Jones grew up in a house where he was always taught to strive to achieve all of his desires. 

Although Jeffrey's family had planned to have him become a lawyer, Jones was more interested in heading to Hollywood. Jeffrey came to Hollywood during the writers strike of 1997 and immediately began working in an agency. Once Jones had the time to sit down and answer phones for a few days, he knew that the agency life was for him. 
Jeffrey Jones spent time working at a literary agency before moving to work at a voice agency where he started the first Motion Capture Division in the USA. For Jeff, the rest is history. Find out more about Motion Capture, Hollywood, and the VOX USA Agency, with Jeffrey Jones and Kurt Kelly. Jeffrey Jones was interviewed by Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat which airs live at 1pm EST and 10am PST Monday - Friday. ActorsE is a Co-Production of Live Video, Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions. All shows of ActorsE can also be viewed online after original broadcasts.

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Sunday Breakout Into the Blue and Elysium

SONY PIX knows you want to be entertained. On Sunday afternoons, there is no better place to be than in front of your Television watching Sunday Breakout from SONY PIX. This is two movies and only one break between them. This week, SONY PIX is going to be bringing your Elysium, and Into the Blue. Elysium is the story of two very unmatched worlds. In the year 2154, all of the rich citizens are living on a beautiful space station, while the poor are living on the polluted Earth. One man makes it his mission to bring back equality. This was a huge hit in 2013 that still has everyone on the edge of their seat. Into the Blue, is the story of divers who wander into an area of the cartel while diving. Get ready for two action packed movies! Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice for SONY PIX, and the daily promo tracks are produced daily in the studios of Live Video, Inc. for SONY PIX, SONY PIX HD, and numerous other clients around the world.

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Live Video, Inc. is a Global ipDTL Reseller

ipDTL is the new cutting edge of broadcast technology, allowing for a studio or location to achieve broadcast network quality to another studio or location in real time. First used in the live television HD broadcast from Istanbul, Turkey, Live Video, Inc. [LVI] pioneered live international and domestic broadcast utilizing ipDTL technology. Now it is possible to setup and to broadcast from almost any location taking away much of the overhead costs and allowing you to focus on the quality of the message. ipDTL is very easy to use and offers great customer service. Now as an international authorized reseller of ipDTL, LVI can offer you an excellent rate.

See ipDTL, or contact LVI for sales and support via +1-310-925-2709, or email, subject line: ipDTL Sales and Service. 

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Live Video, Inc. Opportunities

Live Video, Inc. [LVI] is growing and is interested in meeting and working with the best! If you are a dedicated team player, looking for an opportunity to grow; we may have a fit for you. Be a part of an exciting team of global professionals in all aspects of the entertainment and technology worlds. Find out about LVI Opportunities

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Application Creation for Any Platform

If you need an application created you are in the right place.  Live Video, Inc. has an entire team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you make your dream become a reality. With teams available for testing, designing, and coding, we are here to help you with your application!

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This Week's Networking Tip:

by Eric Shaw

As executives enter the room, keep your eyes on their name tags. Do not judge their dress, what they look like, or their jewelry. This is not important.

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