Monday, September 8, 2014

Top 6 Insider Acting Tips from Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari

Acting Tips from Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari

If you have ever wanted to be an effective actor, here are the top 6 tips from producer Pepper Jay and coach John Michael Ferrari!

Tip #1
Know Your Goals
An actor is faced with many career decisions;  acting classes, agents, how to make a living while pursuing an acting career, etc.   Be crystal-clear about your goals.  Having an acting career is more than just going to classes and workshops.  It is taking action and creating your own opportunities.

Tip #2
Be a Giving Networker
Networking with people that YOU can  help in some way. By helping others you will gain favor, respect and opportunities. Don't ask others to do things for you without you somehow returning the favor.  We all work on the life balance sheet of taking and giving. Be a giver and you will attract other givers.  Many acting opportunities come from people you have networked with.

Tip # 3
Starting the Scene:
Just before beginning the filming of a scene, take the time to "take in" the moment: the circumstances, location, what just happened to you or to your knowledge in a previous scene,  and your emotional state.  Now, you are ready for your close up!

Tip #4
Audition Props?
As a rule, audition props are a no-no.  However, a good audition prop, when appropriate, is a clip board.  This can be useful when auditioning for roles of a detective, policeman, doctor, nurse, teacher, etc.   It's where you can keep your sides.

Tip #5
Market Yourself
Share who you are.  Your job is to be known .  When your name is googled, peeps should easily be able to see your photos, website, social media, reel.  When you have a role, send a postcard to casting directors to let them know about it.  Don't hide ... market yourself.

Tip #6
Get Trained
In the old studio days of acting an actor may have been under contract to a certain studio, they paid for all their actors training and the actor received a steady check each week that paid your rent.  Now, we no longer have the studio system, so it's up to the actor to obtain training.  It's not enough just to take an acting class.  An actor should also train with a vocal coach, have dancing lessons, work with dialect coaches; to become well rounded.

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