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Kurt Kelly Week Continues on ActorsE Chat and Live Video, Inc.

CEO of Live Video, Inc., Kurt Kelly Week continues this week on ActorsE Chat.  If you are a fan, you will be very excited to see what is in store for you this week.  Do not forget to grab the popcorn and get ready to nestle down in front of your favorite big screen.

Kurt Kelly will be flashing back to the Actors Reporter and Live Video, Inc.'s coverage of the American Film Institute 2013 including some of the most amazing guests including: Alec Shapiro of Sony, Andrea Wahlgren, Patrick Froehlich, Zeke and Simon Hawkins.  The show aired on January 27, 2014, if you missed it you can watch it here on the Live Video, Inc. Channel page.
Catch the show here:http://livevideoinc.com/watch/actorse-flashes-back-to-afi-2013-with-host-kurt-kelly

Pictured Kurt Kelly and Alec Shapiro of Sony
Alec Shapiro, President of Sony Marketing and Sales, and Kurt spoke about the technology, which Sony was donating to AFI to make resources more available to students at the Institute.
For More on Alec Shapiro check out: http://livevideoinc.com/press/alec-shapiro-of-sony-electronics-executive-biography

Pictured Kurt Kelly, Andrea Wahlgren, and Patrick Froehlich. 
For More on Andrea and Patrick Click Here:http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/live-video-inc-and-actors-reporter-interview-andrea-wahlgren-and-patrick-froehlich-at-afi-2013/
Andrea on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4342004/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
Andrea on Twitter:https://twitter.com/andreawahlgren
Patrick on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2936220/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_1
Patrick on Twitter:http://:https://twitter.com/epreuves

Pictured are Kurt Kelly, Simon Hawkins and Zeke Hawkins during Live Video, Inc. - Actors Reporter coverage of AFI FEST 2013 
The directors of the movie that debuted at AFI, We Gotta Get Outta Of This Place.
Check out more about the Hawkins Brothers here:http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/actors-reporter-interviews-simon-and-zeke-hawkins-at-afi-2013/
Simon on IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2122957/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
Simon on Twitter: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1638782/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Live Video, Inc. with host, and CEO, Kurt Kelly flashed back with ActorsE Chat to Actors Reporter and Live Video Inc.'s coverage of the American Film Market 2013.  At the event, Kurt was able to interview some of the best attendees, including: Lloyd Kaufman, CEO of Troma Entertainment, actress Jennifer Day, actress Lorraine Ziff, and actor Martin Kove.  Live Video, Inc. helped to co-produce all of the coverage of the event this year for Actors Reporter with Pepper Jay Productions.  This is Live Video, Inc.'s 4th year working with Pepper Jay Productions in a co-production to cover this event.

Pictured, Lloyd Kaufman, Kurt Kelly and the Toxic Avengers during Live Video, Inc. - Actors Reporter Coverage of AFM 2013  
For more on Lloyd Kaufman and the Toxic Avengers: Check Out:http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/actors-reporter-interviews-lloyd-kaufman-and-the-toxic-avengers/
Lloyd's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0442207/?ref_=nv_sr_1
Lloyd's Twitter: https://twitter.com/lloydkaufman

Pictured, Kurt Kelly and Jennifer Day during Live Video, Inc. - Actors Reporter Coverage of AFM 2013  
For more on Jennifer Day and AFM 2013: Check Out: http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/actors-reporter-sits-down-with-beautiful-actress-jennifer-day-at-afm-2013/
Jennifer's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2414230/?ref_=nv_sr_1
Jennifer's Website: http://www.jenniferday.tv/jenniferday.html

Pictured, Kurt Kelly and Lorraine Ziff during Live Video, Inc. - Actors Reporter Coverage of AFM 2013 
For more on Lorraine Ziff check out:http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/actors-entertainment-interviews-striking-actress-and-producer-lorraine-ziff-at-afm-2013/
Lorraine's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3977675/?ref_=nmmd_md_nm
Lorraine's Twitter:https://twitter.com/lorrainezifffan

Pictured, Kurt Kelly and Martin Kove during Live Video, Inc. - Actors Reporter Coverage of AFM 2013 
For More on Martin Check Out:http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/actors-reporter-catches-up-with-martin-kove-at-afm-2013/
Martin's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0184392/?ref_=nv_sr_1
Martin's Twitter:https://twitter.com/RealMartinKove

ActorsE featured Kurt hosting a flashback of Live Video, Inc. and Actors Reporter's coverage of the American Film Market 2013.  Kurt highlighted some of the best interviews that were covered by Actors Reporter at the American Film Market.  He will be speaking with Danie Barnard and Eugene Koekemorer from the film Bustin Chops, Andrea Staerke from German Angst, as well as director Sanny Van Heteren.  Check out the show here: http://livevideoinc.com/watch/kurt-kelly-hosts-actorse-chat-afm-flashback-3

Pictured, Danie Barnard, Kurt Kelly and Eugene Koekmorer during Live Video, Inc. - Actors Reporter Coverage of AFM 2013  

For more on Bustin Chops and AFM 2013 check out the Channel page:http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/actors-reporter-interviews-dannie-barnard-and-eugene-koekemoer-with-kurt-kelly-afm-2013/
Bustin Chops on IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3051960/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
Danie on IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5796713/?ref_=tt_ov_dr
Eugene on IMDB:http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5796712/?ref_=tt_ov_dr

Pictured, Kurt Kelly and Andrea Staerke during Live Video, Inc. - Actors Reporter Coverage of AFM 2013.
Find out more about German Angst Here
Website for German Angst: http://www.german-angst.com/

Pictured here are Kurt Kelly and Sanny Van Heteren during Live Video, Inc. - Actors Reporter Coverage of AFM 2013.

For more on Sanny:  http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/actors-reporter-interviews-actress-and-producer-sanny-van-heteren-at-afm-2013/
Sanny's IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0887110/?ref_=nv_sr_1
Sanny's Twitter: https://twitter.com/SannyCloudy

Stay tuned for more exciting shows this week on the Live Video, Inc. Channel withActorsE Chat, the exciting everything entertainment show from Pepper Jay Productions http://Actorsentertainment.com and Live Video, Inc. http://livevideoinc.com/channel.php.  For more on Kurt Kelly's work with Actors Entertainment check out:http://actorsentertainment.com/?s=kurt+kelly

Kurt Kelly to Interview Singer and Host Tanya Hart on ActorsE Chat

ActorsE Chat is a co-production between Pepper Jay Productions and Live Video, Inc. Kurt Kelly will be sitting down with hostess Tanya Hart on ActorsE Chat at 10am PSTon January 30, 2014.
Tanya is the hostess of Live From Hollywood With Tanya Hart, she has covered all of the largest events including the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and many others.  She is known for reporting on Hollywood as well as all of the upcoming trends with an urban perspective.  She has continually been ahead of the curve with cutting edge artists and new trends.  She continues to delight audiences and stay on the inside of the industry.  Check out her interview with Kurt here:http://livevideoinc.com/watch/kurt-kelly-sits-down-with-singer-and-host-tanya-hart-on-actorse


LVI CEO Kurt Kelly Sits Down For an Exclusive Interview on Lette's Chat

Carlette Norwood is a successful professor based out of Maryland.  She hosts an online show which deals with real people as well as with real life inspirations.  She sat down with Kurt to discuss his life, growing up in Michigan, as well as having a dream.  In this powerful interview Kurt discusses some of his personal challenges as well as giving others the motivation to overcome theirs.  Check out this amazing and powerful interview, which will leave you speechless.

Carlette focuses on having people on her show that really have made a difference in the world, or are in the process of living the dream.  She also works hard changing the lives of her students on a daily basis.  Check out the interview here:http://livevideoinc.com/watch/kurt-kelly-on-lets-chat-with-carlette-norwood

New Live Video, Inc. Blog Hot Off The Presses

Live Video, Inc. is very excited to announce its new blog which will keep you updated on all productions as well as everything that is happening in real time.  Click here to check out the new blog: http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog.

Live Video, Inc. Announces New "Insider Tips" Website Section

Have you ever wished that you were on the inside of everything that is happening in Hollywood?  Maybe you are a struggling actress, maybe an aspiring waiter, or maybe you are just full of dreams.  Would it not be nice to have all of the tips you needed on booking, as well as landing gigs in one place?  Maybe you need some assistance or advice on funding?  Well, you will find it all on the Live Video, Inc. New "Insider Tips" section.  The tips will be written by people in the industry enabling you to leverage their expertise and to ensure that you are ahead of the curve.  Check out the new section to be debuting in the next week, at this link.http://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/category/insider-tips/.

Sony Pix Keeps You Plugged in to 2014

Sony will be bringing you some of the biggest films in 2014 including After Earth with Will Smith, Elysium with Matt Damon, the Hobbit 2, and the Smurfs 2.  Kurt Kelly is the Signature voice for Sony Pix and this video was produced in the Live Video, Inc. Studios in Hollywood.  Get ready for some of the hottest movies in 2014. Check out more of the videos made in the Live Video, Inc. Studio Here:http://livevideoinc.com/videos.html.

Sony Makes History in India

Making history for Sony is not a new thing.  However, they will be premiering 4 new films on February 16, 2014.  I hope everyone is holding onto their hat, and marking their calendar to sit glued to the television that day.  This video was produced in the Live Video, Inc. Studios by their signature voice for Sony Pix, Kurt Kelly.  Click Here to see more videos produced in the LVI Studio: http://livevideoinc.com/videos.html.

Deyan Audio Expands Its Market Into New Categories and Reaches Globally

Deyan Audio has been a close associate of Live Video, Inc., and Kurt Kelly's.  They are at the forefront of providing audio book recordings as well as editing services from the entertainment capital, Hollywood, to the entire world.  Recently, the CEO of the company Bob Deyan has undergone treatments for ALS.  He has rallied his employees to expand the business into new frontiers such as private editing lessons, as well as narrating new media, and expanding their global reach.  Many of the friends of DeyanAudio have been working around the clock so that they will in fact be able to assist as well as take their quality of production and sound to others all over the globe.  If you would like to find out more about the new services that Deyan is offering check outhttp://www.livevideoinc.com/blog/deyan-audio-expands-into-international-markets-for-an-amazing-cause/.

Happy 2014

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