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Had the privilege of Kurt's acquaintance about 8 years ago, It was a "Street Chat" that should have been less than a minute, but had grown and lasted through a better part of a decade,

Kurt's wit and impressive articularity immediately captures the ear, he has a unique way of 
I worked with Kurt when we performed in Talk Radio at Santa Monica College together. He was the epitome of professionlism and encouraged everyone. His work was inspiring and pushed my work to an entirely new level. I aspire to be as kind a person and as talented a performer as Kurt Kelly. Even though we only worked together once, he left a lasting and positive impression on me. If given an opportunity, I would jump at the chance to work with him again.See More"
Professional Actor, Signature Voice Sony Entertainment Television, and Host, make up only part of the Multi-talented Kurt Kelly’s, work experience. He is a professional delivering projects on budget and on time. He is also an all-around great guy who supports many humanitarian causes. I met Kurt Kelly through mutual friends who had worked with him on numerous projects."
I've know Kurt Kelly professionally for years. Kurt hosts for channels on the Actors Podcast Network, including Actors Reporter and Actors Entertainment. I find Kurt to be professional, kind, and talented, and he has a terrific voice. Kurt and I have also co-produced several projects. Look forward to our continued working and friendship relationships. Pepper Jay / Actors Entertainment / a Pepper Jay Production.See More"
Very much enjoy co-producing shows with Kurt Kelly. Together, Live Video Inc and Pepper Jay Productions co-produce selected events, such as AFM or AFIfest coverage for Actors Reporter, and selected episodes of ActorsE Chat shows for Actors Entertainment."
Kurt truly goes the extra-mile in terms of professionalism and customer-service/customer-satisfaction. His rich experience in his field and exceptional talent will not disappoint

~Amy Sharpton"
Kurt is a very professional, timely and efficient person to work with! He's always willing to help anyone with their needs in any way he can! Meeting him was an absolute delight, and he's sure to make any project he touches a huge success! With years of experience in the industry, I would definitely recommend him for any of your V.O. needs!"
I'd like to recommend Kurt Kelly 100% for any project, he is a 'professional' at everything he does, be it Voice Over, Coach, Live Video, or Actor or just a just a professional giving another human being a 'leg up'. I endorse Kurt for your next project. Paul Lee Voices R' Us Productions."
Mr. Kelly was the hottest guest at the mixer. All night long I heard, "there's Kurt Kelly, there's Kurt Kelly!" I instantly googled "Kurt Kelly on my smart phone, and had to rub elbows with this famous guy. It's all about eye contact, some friendly conversation and a cute business card."
Kurt Kelly is THE go to guy when it comes to ANYTHING voiceover!!!!!
-Markham Anderson, Voiceover Artist"
I've known Kurt Kelly since the late 1970's when he was a top-rated on-air DJ at WTWR in Detroit. He has developed his style and abilities into one of the best voice-over talents in the industry. When you want the best you get KK. Luckily his middle name is not Kevin."
I support kurt Kelly! A very hard working,trustworthy,talented person!"
Kurt is an excellent voice over artist and overall a great guy. He also helps others learn about the industry and helps them break in. HE is very generous and very talented! He really enjoys what he does!

Sonja Fisher"
Kurt is an amazing person, and such a pleasure to work with. Creative and knowledgeable. I would recommend Kurt for many projects, in all aspects of filmmaking."
Kurt blows my mind with his exuberance and openness. This guy knows people and can deliver great work, and great experience."
I've know Kurt for over 30 years is a go-getter! Very professional and dedicated at what ever he takes on. I would always go with Kurt Kelly for any of my projects. And he's a Super Nice Guy!"
Kurt Kelly is the pro other pros go to and rely on for projects that need creativity and finesse."
Kurt Kelly is a very talented and an optimal professional. He has a very distinguished voice. He can also change the sound of is voice. He would be perfect for whatever your en devours might be!!!!"
Timely, Professional and Easy to work with"
Kurt Kelly is a legendary V.O. talent and you can't improvise experience."
Kurt is professional, amazing, and first class. Everyone should work with him and for him. He is the exclusive voice for all of my ebooks. There is no one better than him!"
I've know Kurt for better than a decade and he has always done what he said he would do, when he promised. That a very valued and rare trait nowadays."
Kurt is an excellent, genuine and talented person in his fields. You would be remiss to not give yourself the chance to work with him."
Kurt is a privelege to work with!"
A living legend in the industry! Need I say more..."
The man with a awesome voice"
Known Kurt since the 80's... second best voice I know!!"
Good and well versed."
Love your work, mate!"
Nobody does it like The Voice of Experience!"
Kurt is one of the most creative, hardworking people I have had the privilege of working with......and fun too!"
I'd like to recommend Kurt Kelly 100% for any project, he is a 'professional' at everything he does, be it Voice Over, Coach, Live Video, or Actor or just a just a professional giving another human being a 'leg up'. I endorse Kurt for your next project. Paul Lee Voices R' Us Productions."

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