Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Live Video, Inc. Announces International Project to Save Rainforest With International Collaboration

Live Video, Inc. Announces International Project to Save Rain Forest With International Collaboration

The rain forest is being destroyed internationally at an alarming rate. Considering that it is where over 50% of the world's medical cures come from and where many remain undiscovered, it is a resource that should be preserved for generations to come. These wonders are located all over the world, but the largest stretches in the western hemisphere are in Brazil, while in the eastern hemisphere they are in Indonesia. 

Kurt Kelly has worked extensively all over the world to help in the preservation of the rain forest, he is the signature voice of the Black Jaguar Foundation. The BJF is an organization which was created to preserve the elusive Black Jaguar, as well as create the largest nature preserve in the western hemisphere and begin the reforestation effort in Brazil. 

Kurt is now working with a team in Germany to raise awareness about the rain forest in Indonesia as well as the voice of the upcoming project "Saving Meratus". The project is a 45-minute documentary about the destruction of the rain forest in Indonesia and what can be done to turn these efforts around. According to Kurt Kelly, Amazon and Meratus share Kurt Kelly's concerns over Global Warming Deregulation of the Environmental Protection Agency by the US Government. "It is time for a change and any one of us to take global responsibility for the safe care of Mother Earth!" 

Live Video, Inc. and Kurt Kelly are proud to be a part of the positive change that will reshape the rain forest for future generations to enjoy.

Black Jaguar Foundation: http://www.black-jaguar.org/

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