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Live Video, Inc. News February 25, 2015

Live Video, Inc. [LVI] is a full-service international multimedia entertainment company, providing solutions for business to business, and business to consumer target markets. Live Video Inc.'s innovative team is focused on all facets of development, from inception to completion, thus ensuring optimal end-user delivery. LVI provides financial planning, funding, R&D, sales, marketing, distribution, and more. When looking to fund your television, film, video game, website ,application development and implementation, viral branding, software testing, casting, translation, transcription or, you need consulting in domestic and foreign markets, LVI is your perfect strategic partner.We have worked with Fortune 500 entities, in every aspect of industry, government, institutions and private sectors. LVI's domestic and international experts and affiliates are committed to your success, ensuring maximum ROI for our clients. Visit, email your inquiries to:, or call +1-310-925-2709 

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Entertainment from Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond! Published 2/25/201511/3/2014

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Actor and Voice Actor Richard Epcar on ActorsE Chat

Richard Epcar has been delighting us since the early eighties, he is an actor, director, producer, and artist. Richard has voiced over 400 characters and has been in some of the most memorable roles. A few of these roles include Batou in Ghost in a Shell, The Joker in Batman Games, and also Ansem in Kingdom of Hearts. Epcar has been voted on IMDB as one of the most best voice actors in the history of the industry. Richard will be joining host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat this Friday 2/27/2015 at 1pm EST and 10am PST. Richard is one of the most respected actors in the industry and has made us laugh, cry, and has mesmerized us with his talents. Tune in and help us celebrate Richard Epcar.

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Kurt Kelly Joins The Midwest Voice Over Conference

If you're serious about getting started as a voice over artist, this is the event for you! Get connected to the biggest names in the business and put yourself on the path to becoming a known voice over artist. Plan to attend this jam packed professional conference full of information. To be held in Columbus, Ohio at the Holiday Inn Worthington - 7007 N. High Street Worthington, Ohio 43085Early discounts, Register Today!.

The 2015 Midwest Voice Over Conference

May 7th, 8th, & 9th

Nationally Recognized 
Voice Over Professionals

Marc GraueFriday & Saturday
Kurt KellyTBD
Hillary HuberTBD
Rodney SaulsberrySaturday
Harlan HoganSaturday
J. Michael CollinsWith P2P Team
Friday & Saturday
Paul KeelsVOICE of The Ohio State Buckeyes
Karen SigalSigal Models and Talent Agency
Ron AllanVoice Actor & Audio Production Professional
James Minter
Voice Actor & Audio Production Professional

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The Black Jaguar Foundation

The Brazilian Rain-forest is a place of magic, mystery, and beauty. In the past 50 years, what was once lush green landscape and stunning waterfalls, has become a desert area of deforestation. The Black Jaguar Foundation is leading the charge at trying to save one of the most precious and life sustaining resources in the world. Over 25% of all cures for diseases come from this region. It is one of the most vital locations for human and animal survival in the world.

The Black Jaguar Foundation campaign allows companies to support the reforestation efforts in Brazil and make this precious corridor into an internationally protected location. With the efforts and the sponsorship of caring organizations all over the world, it will be possible to take control of this situation and turn it into one of the glistening jewels of preservation. What can your company do to assist in this effort? Can you really afford not to be involved? Get active now and sponsor one of these squares of the beautiful rain-forest and help to save the world for generations to come.This is also the home of the majestic and amazing black jaguar, there are only 600 left. Let's take that number up to 6,000. Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice of the Black Jaguar Foundation, and is a part of Team Black Jaguar.

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Radio Dream Lunch 2014 DVD

Radio Dream Lunch 2014 DVD salutes Radio Dream Lunch! Some of the personalities featured on the video include: the Legendary Joey Reynolds, former KIIS GM Wally Clark, Radio writer Richard Wagoner, RCA rep & ice cream man Dandy Don Whittemore, CBS & ET's Kevin Gershan, Sound Mind's Kraig Kitchin, K-Earth 101's Shotgun Tom Kelly, All Access ace Joel Denver, voice talent Kris Erik Stevens, LA jock Jesse Tirero, Former KLSX GM Bob Moore, WWO Sports PD Jack Silver, Voice talent Neil Ross, Casey Kasem's daughter & KABC host Kerri Kasem & co-host Naz Barouti, screen writer/former jock Ken Levine, talent agent Howard Lapedis, former Styx manager Terry Gibson, radio educator Brad Fuhr, radio & record maven Steve Resnik, Inside Edition VO Steve Kamer, KRTH jock Brian Burns, Sirius XM PD Lou Simon, VO guru Shadoe Stevens, Live Video, Inc. boss Kurt Kelly, the Riegle sisters from Michigan, Former KROQ/now Jack FM's Freddie Snakeskin, Mr. Coca-Cola/radio fan Norm Jacobovitz and Greg Ogonowski who developed the Optimod & radio app StreamS hi fi for iPhone & iPad. The video has been posted on YouTube, but the DVD with the unseen interview extra's can be ordered for an insanely low price of $12, plus ship & hand via Art's web site:  right on his home page. Get it before he comes to his senses and charges what it's really worth!  

Kurt Kelly for Red Robin

Are you ready to tickle your taste buds? There is nothing in this world that is more tasty than a freckled lemonade! There is no other place you can find the delicious freckled lemonade than at your neighborhood Red Robin. Healthy and refreshing, this classic combination of lemonade and strawberry will keep you quenched and refreshed every time. Served daily, it is time that you have one! Sit down, take a sip and get ready to enjoy a meal from one of the best restaurants in the  Nothing says Yummm like Red Robin. Be sure to stop into your local Red Robin today!  Kurt Kelly for Red Robin.

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Live Video, Inc. Saves You $50 on

Now when you sign-up for membership on, use promo code LIVEVIDEOINC and save $50 on the Premium annual membership. Sign up at, and add promo code LIVEVIDEOINC during your registration to save.

Pix Doubles from SONY PIX

Imagine going into Latin America to deal with a rogue dictator and taking along a delta force of the best intelligence that the US Army has to offer. While it would be a very difficult and strategic operation it would also leave your heart pounding and your adrenaline pumping. In this action packed adventure there are many things that could go wrong with their mission while doing their best to get it right! This is exactly the situation for the elite team of mercenaries in The Expendables and The Expendables 2. Get ready to hold onto the edge of your seat with SONY PIX.

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In case you missed it

Food Expert and Actress Cheryl Dent on ActorsE Chat With Host Kurt Kelly

Summary: Cheryl Dent is a foodie and a culinary expert.  Growing up in New Orleans, she mastered the flair for Cajun cooking and became an expert in all things southern.  Upon moving to California, she became a regular amongst the Glitterati of Hollywood and was known for the exotic tastes of her BBQ and her smoking flavor.  She became so well known that she was offered her own television show in which she teaches others, how to replicate her savory delights.  However, she keeps the ingredients in the BBQ recipe top secret, no one will know that forumla.

Kurt Kelly Interviews Actress and Producer Kayla Tabish on ActorsE Chat
AE_Kayla Tabish        
Summary: Kayla Tabish is originally from Washington State.  She grew up in a family which had nothing to do with Hollywood.  Her father was an artist and her mother was a teacher.  She was always interested in drama and the stage from a very young age and she always would rehearse accepting awards in a mirror as a child.  Kayla was on stage for the first time in 6th grade and she loved it.  After deciding that Washington was not for her, she left Washington and went to school at San Diego University, pursuing a career in business and drama.  She decided she needed to head to Hollywood, when she arrived she went and auditioned as an extra on The Girl Next Door.  Due to a stroke of luck, she was cast not as an extra but as a role.  The rest is history!  She will be speaking with Kurt about her career in Hollywood 

Dial M for Murder

Kurt Kelly is the Voice for Dial M For Murder. Dial M is one of those Hitchcock classics that keeps you guessing, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Great Lakes Theater Playhouse in Cleveland delivers great performances with Dial M for Murder.

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Kurt Kelly for SONY PIX Moneyball

You are the master of your own destiny! Get ready for one of the best comeback stories ever, Moneyball with Brad Pitt. In this biographical sports drama, when a baseball team realizes their unfavorable financial situation they find there is a new way to get players. This is when the game becomes just as interesting off the field as it does on the field. Check out this classic from SONY PIX. Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice for SONY PIX.

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Get 10% off ipDTL with LVI

Now you can officially get 10% of your annual membership for full ipDTL voice, and/or HD Video and voice by siging up via referral link. ipDTL is the new cutting edge of broadcasting, allowing for a studio or location to achieve broadcast network quality to another studio or location in real time. First used in the live broadcast from Istanbul, Turkey, Live Video, Inc. [LVI] pioneered live international and domestic television broadcast utilizing ipDTL 1080P HD technology. Now it is possible to setup remotely and to broadcast from almost any location taking away much of the overhead costs of expensive uplinks and allowing you to focus on the quality of the production. ipDTL is fastly replacing ISDN with studio to studio broadcast quality audio linking for real-time directed reads and recording sessions. 

ipDTL is very easy to use and offers great customer service. Now as an international authorized reseller of ipDTL, LVI can offer you an excellent rate. 
Save 10% on Annual Subscription for a limited time by using ipDTL referral link, or contact LVI for sales and support via +1-310-925-2709, or email, subject line: ipDTL Sales and Service 

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LVI Opportunities

Looking for entertainment opportunities, positions, castings and more, see At Live Video, Inc. we are always looking for A+ conscientious and ambitious members to join our worldwide team. Could this be you? Presently Live Video, Inc - A Kurt Kelly Company, is expanding our global footprint and adding members to our growing team. We have many opportunities for the right team players. In today's virtual world, you are no longer limited by location. We are seeking to fill the following positions:

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Insider Entertainment Tips
Evan Wiebe, Promotion Specialist, for 

Evan Wiebe is the Promotion Specialist at, the industry-leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talent. Evan interacts daily with voice-over actors from all over the world, from seasoned professionals to brand-new talent! 

1) Examine other voice actors' demos! A great place to start is the Top 100 lists on, where you can examine what is working for other voice actors. Pay attention to what others are doing right, and while you still need to craft a unique set of demos and brand for yourself, by all means replicate qualities you admire in what you find there.

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