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Broadcast Voice Over Recording Studio

Broadcast Voice Over Recording Studio

Kurt Kelly "The Voice Of Experience"
If you, or anyone you might know of, has 

solid Broadcast Voice Over Recording 

Studio referrals in the Miami - Fort 

Lauderdale area; please email the contact 

details and information to 

kurt@kurtkelly.comthey are greatly 

appreciated. Thank you in advance for time and 

professional referrals. 

Warm regards, 


Some of Kurt Kelly's credits include: AP/UPI... 

ABC... NBC... CBS... MTV...VH1... HBO... 

Showtime... Golden West Broadcasting... 

Paramount... SONY... Westwood One... 

TRANSTAR/UNISTAR... Metro Media... FOX...

Fields Communications... PIX Television...

WB/Warner Brothers... Universal... Disney... 

Nationwide Communications... PBS ... 

Sony Entertainment ... among others

 ·  · 

Kurt Kelly Television Film Movie Multimedia Voice Over 

Artist - Actor - Host

Kurt Kelly Voice Over

Voice Over Artist Kurt Kelly -- The "Voice of Experience" 

Kurt Kelly Voice Over 310-925-2709

Voice Over Artist Kurt Kelly -- The "Voice of Experience" 

Kurt Kelly -- The "Voice of Experience" 

"Kurt Kelly, a man of character, a voice of many... Kurt not only impresses you with his distinctive voice but he affects you with meaningful words," according to Michal Bardavid, News Anchor - Host of Inside Business [6 News in Istanbul.

Kurt Kelly, [Executive Producer/Director-Voice Artist/Actor, represented by TGMD in Los Angeles]

Kurt Kelly -- The "Voice of Experience"

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