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By: Melissa English

Lorraine Ziff, beautiful actress and star of "Six Gun Savior" was recently at AFM promoting her new film.  She had a moment to sit down with Kurt Kelly and discuss all of the excitement of her new film which is a supernatural western.  Six Gun Savior is the story of a man who meets the devil and then is offered a chance at a deal.  He is asked to return to earth and then to become a bounty hunter and to assist with stopping various evil beings on the earth.  He returns and then he is stalking Zathura who is death incarnate.

Lorraine was conceived in the Bronx, New York and has been included with theater since her days in Junior High. She graduated Marymount College with a B. A. Twofold Degree in Theatre and Communications with a fixation in Journalism. Throughout school, she started her acting profession with touch parts in films, for example The Muppets Take Manhattan (where she reached her fate spouse) and network shows, for example L. A. Law. Upon graduation, she won the Actor's grant. She showed up in network shows, for example Burn Notice, and movies which compass numerous kind, for example "Goldberg, P.i.", (drama), "Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn", (wrongdoing), "Mansion of Blood", (loathsomeness), "Treachery" (dramatization), "Six Gun Savior" (powerful western)and numerous advertisements, frequently as the representative.

Lorraine went to graduate school, had a paralegal business then went to doctoral level college and acquired her M.s.w. from Fordham University, NY. She worked in a school as a School Social Worker and had a psychotherapist business and in addition possessed and worked a land investment/property administration business. She has been extremely included in gathering pledges for growth research and has been named a "Cancer Research Angel" on more than one event through different associations. All around everything, she proceeded to take acting, vocal and voice over execution classes to sharpen her art. She has been in numerous organize presentations and also film preparations, network shows and ads. Lorraine's rich encounters outside of the acting scene have made her exceptionally acquainted with terms, circumstances and conditions in different organizations, and empower her to carry correct profundity to her acting and voice over exhibitions. Furthermore, she proceeds to grow her part to that of Producer. She parts her opportunity between New York, California and Florida. She is wedded to Laurence (Larry) Ziff and has two children, Adam and Matthew.

Lorraine's existence has without a doubt turned up at ground zero as, all the more as of late, she has viewed herself as extremely lucky to take a shot at motion pictures with her child, Matthew Ziff, who is likewise a performing artist. Both he and Lorraine are parts of SAG-AFTRA, AEA and GIAA.

Lorraine was interviewed by master of his craft, Kurt Kelly "The Voice of Experience".  Kurt has been in broadcast radio, television, and voice over.  His style is warm and engaging and leaves the audience craving more.


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