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By: Melissa English
November 9, 2013

Actors Reporter is very excited to be covering AFM for its 33rd year in Santa Monica. A joint production between Live Video Inc. and Pepper Jay Productions LLC, we cover all things entertainment to give you the inside view on the “Hollywood” inside.

AFM Day 4 – Pitch Conference

November 9, 2013

Highlights & Photos

The American Film Market (Afm®) displayed the Pitch Conference at the Fairmont Hotel and commenced the inaugural Afm Producers Forum at the Le Merigot Hotel today, Saturday, November 09, 2013 in Santa Monica.

The Afm Pitch Conference furnished actively present people a direct record to the fundamental tenets and devices of pitching from the specialists. Directed by Stephanie Palmer, creator of Good in a Room, panelists incorporated Tobin Armbrust, President of Worldwide Production and Acquisitions, Exclusive Media Group and Cassian Elwes, Independent Producer/agent.

The Afm Producers Forum emphasized four sessions incorporating: How to Leverage the Afm to Move Your Projects Forward & Get Distribution, Get Paid! Upholding Agreements, Auditing and Dispute Resolution, Understanding the U.s. Rating System and Producing in China.  The sessions offered panelists incorporated: Stacey Parks, Independent Film Consultant, Film Specific, Rob Aft, Compliance Consulting, Joan Graves, Svp and Chairman, Classifications and Rating Administration, Mpaa and Peter Shiao, Ceo and Founder, Orb Media Group

Beneath are some key cites from panelists throughout the Pitch Conference and the Producer's Forum: 

Stephanie Palmer, Good in a Room:

On three tenets of pitching:

"Lead with sort…  In a verbal pitch, classification offers connection to the audience. Concentrate on as few fundamental characters as could reasonably be expected, and recognize examples of reaction."

Tobin Armbrust, President of Worldwide Production and Acquisitions, Exclusive Media Group:

 "Don't assume you know where Hollywood is drifting. The energy is the thing that delivers as promised when you're pitching."

"More often than not pitches don't offer.  If you're a scholar, dependably compose.  You may as well never be demoralized in the event that you can't offer something as a pitch.  Plenty of ventures never get made."

Cassian Elwes, Independent Producer/agent: 

On ardor required in pitching - "(Laura Ziskin) had been attempting to make the film (The Butler) and studios were passing on it.  Since she was a studio movie producer, she didn't know how to raise cash. She was kicking the bucket from growth and her last musings, her final gasps were used on the most proficient method to make this motion picture. That is the level of energy we're searching for."

Stacey Parks, Independent Film Consultant, Film Specific

On the most proficient method to uncover the lenders at the business:

"It's intense.  But I'll gave you access on a mystery.  Casa Del Mar – they hang out there.  Go at party time and stroll around.  When pitching, you need to lead with (the project's) worth."

On provided that you require a deals executor:

"You require a deals executor for remote. You can't just message them, however provided that you can, hold your U.s. Rights . . . . U.s. is the greatest Vod market.  You need to experience aggregators not bargains executors.  They take requisition, they don't charge expenses. Kino Nation recently started in beta – you don't even need to converse with anybody – you just transfer your film and they have control access to itunes." 

On arranging your down home and remote discharge:

"It's best to hold off on your remote discharge until you secure your provincial arrangement.  You can power it."

Joan Graves, Svp and Chairman, Classifications and Rating Administration, Mpaa

On the evaluations framework:

"The rating framework never said it will secure kids.  It is dependent upon folks.  That is the mystery of why it works so well."  

On tests:

"The evaluations framework works for the most part off guidelines yet dialect is one issue that has principles.  If there is more than one "F word" or its a sexual utilization, its a R.  This disillusions movie producers, yet we lead statistical surveying to get a correct read on folks crosswise over America.  It's a main problem – the effects show they don't need the "F word" whatsoever." 

On who gets their movies evaluated:

"Just parts must be evaluated, yet 75% of submissions are from independents"

On patterns:

"Presently studios choose years ahead of time what rating a film will have – its in the movie producer's contract.  Once the film gets to the Mpaa, provided that it doesn't meet the rating, they will recut.  So we have begun to offer to read scripts and guide producers ahead of time."

Dwindle Shiao, Ceo and Founder, Orb Media Group

On why ventures in China experience such a large number of surveys through social requisitions:

"Individuals can lose employments or there might be various individuals survey"

On any classifications being boycotted:

"The mature person industry.  Everything else has been arranged.  Used to be heavenly movies couldn't have phantoms unless it was fixed to convention. 


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