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Actress Laurel Harris Delights ActorsE Chat Audiences

November 17, 2013
By: Melissa English

Actress Laurel Harris Delights ActorsE Chat Audiences

Laurel Harris is stopping by ActorsE Chat with host Kurt Kelly to discuss her acting career and working with some of the most amazing talents in the industry.  Laurel started off dancing and lighting up the stage before becoming an actor.  She was even a founding member of the Ormao Dance Company.  She caught the bug for the stage when she was in high school and attended a performing arts college for her freshman year of college.  Then Laurel pursued a Theater degree at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington.  During this time Laurel was also going back and forth to LA for her job and also for training.

Laurel then headed to Colorado to finish her BA which had an emphasis in Film and Television.  She was determined to make her way in the industry but did not feel ready to move forward with acting full time, Laurel instead plied her trade as a producer.  She took a position as a DJ at a radio station in Colorado called KKLI.  Shortly thereafter, she found herself offered her first television job as she was hosting and producing a morning show on “The Vacation Channel” in Vail, Colorado.  Laurel found her calling then in front of the camera and stayed employed full time in acting with hosting and voice over work.

Laurel then took a bigger job as the lead host of the national, live game show called “Bingo TV” for Dish Network.  She learned how to budget and to plan to use all of her talents to continually grow her career into new areas.  She also maintained her role as a producer and she continued working on projects that were close to her heart.  She enjoyed working with Peacejam in which she produced a documentary series in which she interviewed Nobel Peace Laureates from around the world and she tracked all of the projects they were doing with local kids and the impact being made on their lives.  Laurel also won many different Telly’s, NATOA’s and a regional Emmy for her production work.

Laurel decided to go back to acting full time because it is her true first love but she still does print work as well as other voice over work.  Laurel’s range has continued to grow as well as she has continued to take on other genres such as comedy and serious dramatic roles.  Laurel has a face and charming smile that translates across Medias as well as across all kinds of formats.

Laurel has directed, produced, and starred in many movies over the past few years.  In 2013 alone she starred 4 major productions.  Two of these were feature films, one was a television documentary and the other was a made for television movie.  The first of these was Odd Thomas which was based on the book written by Dean Koontz.  The movie was the story of a line cook with psychic abilities who had to battle many dark forces in order to save the world.  Laurel starred with William Dafoe and really enjoyed working with him, learning from his craft and experience.

Laurel was also a part of the Legacy of the Tengu which was the story of a magic sword in Japan which gave its owner immortality but at a high price.  The sword was given to Asura who had to live throughout time fulfilling his responsibilities to the world as a defender of the world against darkness.  In the most recent incarnation Asura is in fact a police officer trying to blend into a thriving metropolis.  Laurel played the role of a police officer.

In addition to these Laurel also was in Saige Paints the Skywhich is an American Girls film.  The American Girls collection has been delighting girls since the 1980s with their dolls and their movies and has become a tradition of American childhood.  In their most recent made for television movie, Saige returns to school ready to learn and to be a part of the New Year.  Yet she finds out that her favorite art class has been canceled due to budget cuts and she decides to find a way to single-handedly reinstate the art program.

Laurel also starred in Creep which is a venture into the mind of A.J. Nelson, the infamous director and his movie “The Creeping Terror”.  This is the ultimate exploration in documentary into the mental recesses of the director’s mind.

Laurel’s talent and lovely smile will be delighting audiences in every genre with wit and acting skills.  Whether she is on the stage as a dancer, behind the camera as a producer, or in front of the camera as a host, hers is a talent that cannot be denied.


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