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Kurt Kelly’s Voice Over Tips!

Kurt Kelly’s Voice Over Tips!
By Kurt Kelly

 Tips to success
So you want to be a Voice Over person. First, it is important to define what type of Voice Over person you want to be when you grow up! Are you going to be a great Announcer? A great Pronouncer? The Articulator? An Actor? The person “next-door”? What makes you uniquely different? If you can’t first answer these questions, let’s start at the beginning.

“Remember, no one starts at greatness; they earn it!” Having worked with some of the greatest talents in music, radio, television, film, technology, government, charities, institutions, business, finance and numerous other industries; the one theme I consistently see repeat itself, is “greatness is learned repeatedly everyday”! 

Michael Jackson https://www.google.com/search?q=michael+jackson&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb became one of the greatest singer – dancers because he did it every day! J

became one of the greatest Guitar Player in Rock – Pop history, not only for his works with The Eagles, The James Gang, his Solo work; but, because he has done studio and stage work with countless others, playing and performing daily. Joe came to my house one Thanksgiving and brought his guitar to play for his supper; everyone [including my dogs, which normally where hyper] stopped to hear his greatness!

Don LaFontaine 
https://www.google.com/#hl=en&sclient=psy-ab&q=don+lafontaine&oq=don+la&gs_l=hp.3.1.0l4.22279.23441.6.26853.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=fcff299af63d19f1&biw=1920&bih=887, probably one of the greatest voice over legends of all time, recorded daily and achieved notoriety for being thee go-to voice for what he did best; “…in a world”. The point is consistently simple, and the same. In my opinion, “no one is born at the top, they learn; and earn it every single day, over and over again!” So in case the message isn’t clear, to be successful at voice over, you have to read and practice every day for hours. Read out loud, by yourself, in front of others; consistently for hours every day. So you want to be a Voice Over star; then read on, and take action to make your own greatness every day!

An ideal place to get ideas for various demos is http://kurtkelly.com, the key is to have demos that “show case your sound! Not you sounding like me, or someone else. YOU sounding like the best YOU, you can. Don’t mimic others! Unless, of course, you want to become the “Rich Little of Voice Over” , the man of a thousand voices https://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=les%3B&gs_nf=1&pq=kurt%20kelly&cp=6&gs_id=1zf&xhr=t&q=rich+little&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=rich+l&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=fcff299af63d19f1&biw=1920&bih=887.  In which case, still be you! The questions you should be asking yourself right now, is: What makes me so unique? What makes me different? What makes me good at what I do? If they want someone who sounds like me, likely; they are going to hire me!    

You can find other professional sounding demos of all styles, and some of the greatest voices in the industry today on http://www.voicebank.net/app/promoList.do?CLR=-1&SortBy=metroArea&SortOrder=Asc

You will find more voices of every kind on sites like: 

Additionally, you can get started with scripts to practice with from these sites, and every day begin the exciting process of auditioning and building your first demo scratch tracks. Let’s face it, if you are serious about this; you will even need a home studio.

It is important to listen to who is signed with the biggest Agents, and Agencies; because they are working. Go under the different Agencies at http://www.voicebank.netand listen to your competition for several reasons:

1]. Find out what sounds great, and see how you can do it better, then do it!

2]. Find out what are the mistakes they are making and don't repeat them.

3]. Listen to lengths, styles, types, of demos to see what's getting booked and signed.

4]. Get referrals from other voice-over, casting, and recognized industry professionals to Agents. Take as many classes as you can, learn from the working pros!

5]. Find Agents, and Agencies that don't already have 4+ people on their rooster that already sound like you. Approach them when you have solid demos done. Get other works Pros to give you feedback, and then implement the changes to your demos before asking an Agent to hear you. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING! You want to make the right first impression.

6]. It is important to have at least 3 solid demos, like: commercial, narration, promo, trailer, books on tape, video game, etc.; to get an Agent to take you seriously.

7]. Take lots of group classes with Casting Agents, Agents, and other much respected Industry Professionals. 1 great booking will more than offset the tax-deductible costs of your learning, and you will learn new skills and ideas [both good, and bad], and it's a great way to network. Learn to play well with other Pros in and out of the studio.

8]. See http://www.google.com/search?aq=0&oq=voice+over+resource&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=voice+over+resource+guide for classes, demos, Agents, etc. If you have questions, ask working Pros for their opinions! Remember, Opinions are like…everyone has one. Take the good ones, and leave the rest behind.

9]. Take “one on one” classes with people who you respect whenever possible. With today’s technology, you can take one on ones with anyone at any time [you agree] from anywhere around the world. Video Internet classes ROCK!

10]. Leave the ego at the door! NO ONE LIKES TO WORK WITH AN OVERLY INFLATED EGO OR PRIMADONNA – LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Don’t burn bridges, or put yourself in the …hole category!

This is a good kick starter to get you heading in the right direction. Feel free to email info@kurtkelly.com if you have specific questions. For more tips, see http://kurtkelly.com/voice-artist-news.html

Wishing you and yours huge SUCCESS!

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