Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Vote, My Right

My Vote, My Right

When I was growing up in Texas, my mother paid a "poll tax" to exercise her right to vote.

Every time I go to the ballot box, I'm reminded that it wasn't so long ago that millions of Americans sacrificed to ensure we all can get to the polls on Election Day.

That’s why I’m excited to let you know about our My Vote, My Right program and an online tool that will allow tens of thousands more people to register in California before Election Day.

Click here now to find everything you need to vote in this important election.

Unfortunately, the right to vote is under attack again from extreme politicians who are manipulating election laws for their own political gain.

These laws have cut back early voting days and disproportionately penalize seniors, veterans, young people and people of color—all people who may have a harder time maintaining a current driver's license, even though they are legally eligible to vote.

We can’t change these restrictive new laws now, but we can make sure we get as many people registered to vote in the next month as possible.

The clock is ticking on voter registration deadlines. Some states have deadlines that are less than a month away.

Our country can only move forward if we are all working together to make it happen. And it starts with making sure your voice is heard at the polls.

Go here now to check out our great tool to find all the information you need to make sure you are ready to vote this election year.

In Solidarity,

Arlene Holt Baker
Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO

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