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Kurt Kelly Testimonials, References and Recommendations

Kurt Kelly
Testimonials, References and Recommendations

Hi Kurt,
  "Wow you have so many different styles!  I have been doing this for 20 years and I don't think I have ever seen one Voice talent with such diversity... 

Looking forward to hearing it- thanks"

Paul Emami, Director/Producer
Storytellerz/ Marker Entertainment, Inc.

Kurt Kelly is the Signature Voice for Sony- PIX Television Network, and is authorized to
post copies of his work using our television promos, sweepers, movie trailers, etc.; on
his websites and blogs where his voice and likeness are used.

His voice has contributed to PIX's overall strong performance in a highly competitive
category. We appreciate the hard work and flair that constantly reflects in his work
which has helped us stay ahead of competition.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Amogh Dusad
Vice President & Head - Programming, PIX

Great to work with! Very Quick and Pleasant. Voice was just what we were looking for. 
Kevin Bjorklund, Producer World Compassion 

 I am so happy to see that you are doing such great work. I did see your smurf trailer clips. Pretty good work, congrats. Just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best.
Talk to you soon. Take care,

best wishes. Barbara 



Kurt Kelly is someone who thinks out of box. Very innovative.
Bill ShearsBill Shears

Awesome job. Great voice, easy to direct and work with. Outstanding
Benjamin Eckstein, Produer - Director  

Kurt Kelly is 5 Stars!
Raquel Zapata, Director MTS

"Your voice of god sounds just heavenly!"

Mrinalini Mitra
Marketing Promotion Manager
Sony Entertainment Networks

Kurt Kelly deploys a combination of hard and smart work to get things done with constant urge to improve things and discover ways to do things in a smarter way, make Kurt Kelly stand out in a team.
Marlene MendozaMarlene Mendoza

Strong voice. Easy and fun to work with.
Shawn Witt, Producer 

Kurt gave us multiple reads and was perfect for what we wanted to accomplish. Very professional, quick and easy-going.....Can't wait to work with him again.
Brandon Riley, creative media producer 

Kurt Kelly is one of the best among all people I have ever met. It was a pleasure to work together with Kurt Kelly, who was a smart expert. Can focus on many tasks at once.
Gunars MiksitisGunars Miksitis

Thanks for a cool session Kurt!
Go well
Audio Manager, Nat Geo Documentaries
"Kurt Kelly is an out and out performer. Loves experimenting and must say gets wonderful results every time. Kurt Kelly is the most motivating and inspiring leader I have ever come across and has always set benchmarks for the same."

Kimberly DeOliveiraKimberly DeOliveira
KISA Productions

Kurt was a true professional. Exceptionally easy to work with, flexible to our production schedule, and very accommodating to our project's requirements. I look forward to working with Kurt again in the future!
Adam Caplan, Director 

Easy to work with, prompt, pro-active, and great read. Thanks, Kurt!
Karl Koelling , Creative high definition video and cinematography

"Kurt Kelly is an honest, hard working and passionate strategist. Innovative, intelligent, loyal and energetic with deep and practical proficiency. Can focus on many tasks at once. Shows all the time a strong experience in different areas."
M. Jai Lallo Animation | Los Angeles, CA, USA

I would like to express to you the most amazing voice that i have heard for the documentary work ...really Mr. Kurt's voice is exellent as its very strong ..reaching the depth of the meaning of your text ...iam very glad to deal with him ..hopping to work again at the near future ...thank you again Mr. Kurt you deserve more than 10 stars but i marked the avilable ones.
Mohamed Altayeb. Director FM- Media

He has many talents! Please see his page for all of them. :)
Management, Singing, Acting, Host, Anchor - Reporter
Kimi Weber Actress at Actress / Film | Entertainment

 Kurt Kelly delivers high end quality with his work and bring excellence to the realm of entertainment.
Business Development, Management, Singing, Acting, Consultant, Host, Casting, Technology, Executive Producer - Director, The Voice Of Experience, Anchor - Reporter, Television - Film Promos & Trailers, Radio Promos & Sweepers, Narration, Adr - Looping, Production & Post Production, Audio Sound Design, Mixing & Master Recording, Network Broadcast Executive
Will StennerOwner at Dream Media Enterprises LLC | Entertainment | Victorville, CA, USA

I am very happy to work with Mr. Kurt for the second time ...god bless his amazing mature voice ...add to that he is an easy going man understanding and taking the responsibility of the job...i would like even to thank voices.com who provides us such a gifts
mohamed aal, Producer HEMAMTEC

One of the most professional figures in the voice over industry and a true friend when in need.
Never says no and is always too happy to go that extra mile for Quality!

Highly recommended
Management, Satellite Broadcasting, Singing, Acting, Consultant, International Business, Host, Casting, Technology, Executive Producer - Director, The Voice Of Experience, Anchor - Reporter, Television - Film Promos & Trailers, Radio Promos & Sweepers, Narration, Adr - Looping, Production & Post Production, Audio Sound Design, Mixing & Master Recording, Network Broadcast Executive

Chris Kendall  Social Care Worker at allied healthcare | Hospital & Health Care | Bridlington, UK
Business Development, Singing, Consultant
BeBe Kelly-Serrato

 Who doesn't know Kurt Kelly? He really gets around - LOL - in all seriousness Kurt stands out above the rest. Not only is he talented and dedicated, he gets himself out there and makes himself known. Kurt takes his talents and business savvy seriously and they are the perfect mix. The Voice industry is 50% skills and 50% business and Kurt Kelly is extremely proficient in both. A hard worker, with a giving heart. It is without hesitation that I recommend Kurt Kelly in any capacity
Business Development, Singing
Debbie Munro Owner at DebsVoice | Entertainment | Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

Hi Kurt,

First of all, I'd like to thank you a lot for your engagement in this project. We really appreciated your

professionalism and reactivity, as well as the quality of the voice you

produced...Working with you was a pleasure. For sure, we'll have other opportunities

to get in touch over the next months. Good luck for your projects.

Martin Renard

Kurt Kelly - Live Video Inc

“The tracks you sent over were perfect….as well as entertaining!! Thanks Kurt.  As for next projects, I can assure you we have your name at

the top of our list, so you will be hearing from us…”

Brady A. Cowden

Executive Director - Outdoor Media

Kurt Kelly - Live Video Inc

Excellent work! We are a German Film-Production and needed a quick recording for one of or clients. Kurt realized everything in a terrific way.

Fast, professional and with a brilliant voice. Thanks again. Looking forward to

engage you again.

- Martin A. Leimbach CEO Gateway57 Limited, Branch office Munich/Germany

I first became acquainted with Mr. Kelly in 2010, when a client of ours

requested a voice sample after having heard Kurt’s commercial demo off

AudioFreelances website (my company).  Needless

to say, he got the job.

It was a pleasure to work with Kurt on the promotional video - PureMed. I would
like to express my respect and appreciation for this fine voice talent, who
brought outstanding contribution to PureMed’s end product. His ability to take
directions, his recording quality and efficiency was second to none.

I look forward to working with Kurt in the near future.

   Donny Quinn

Kurt was a true professional. Exceptionally easy to work with, flexible to our production schedule, and very

accommodating to our project's requirements. I look forward to working with

Kurt again in the future! 5 Stars, Adam Caplin, Producer – Director 

Working with Kurt is a pure pleasure: great professional with a wonderful voice. Organized

the session perfectly even though we were half way around the globe apart J
Looking forward to working together in the future.

Best regards,
Tymoteusz Kopczewski |Account Executive ^ Heureka

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Perfect... Perfect... Perfect... This single word is enough to describe Kurt but I cannot help myself from writing:

It has been the greatest privilage to know and work with him. Even though I

know him for a short time, I'm very proud to call him an associate and friend.

I admire his professionalism, promptness, dedication and trusted networking

partnership. I highly recommend him and very sure that his partnership is

beyond your expectations.” 

Aziz Acar

 Manager Of Dubbing And Translations Department at NTV

“Kurt Kelly is an excellent professional and a great person to work with. His experience and knowledge of

the industry makes him a sure bet for any project.” 

Susana Ballesteros,   TGMD Agency 

“His voice says it all. A great v/o talent.” 

Sam Bass, Announcer, CBS Radio San

 “Kurt is committed and driven. Amazing!”

Bobbi Lee, Retail Director, Sprint Nextel

“Kurt is a top director and actor.”

De Muro,
Blogger, MaximilianoDeMuro.com

 "Fred R. Barnard once said in the advertising journal Printers’ Ink, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Of

course Fred was promoting the use of images for advertising and since Fred said

this in 1921 we can reasonably deduce poor Fred hadn’t heard the voice of Kurt

Kelly! But I have.

I haven’t anything close to Fred’s fame but I do
have good ears. And I can tell you without reservation that Kurt Kelly’s voice
is worth a thousand pictures. When you need something assuridly sold – hire
Kurt Kelly and let him tell your story. I did. And I would again."
Service Category: Voice over talent
Year first hired: 2002 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Ric Lippincott  (client), NBC, ABC Network Broadcast Professional

Hi Kurt,

You have been a pleasure to work with.
Leigh McCarthy
Sony Playstation – Deutsch Advertising

“Kurt’s a pro, detailed oriented,
meticulous, passionate and committed - he's the multi-talented individual you
want for your production to be executed seamlessly. I trust him to lead any of
my projects and I highly recommend Kurt for your media production and voice
over needs.”

Laura Lewerentz, Public Relations Specialist / Manager (US), Dagmar

“Simply stated.... Kurt is a talented, ambitious and creative guy.”

John Mammoser, Comedy Writer / Voiceover / Audio Engineer, Clear Channel

“Kurt has a world of experience behind him... a solid performance and sound with a lot of "gut and soul" to

his work.” 

Rick Lance, Voice Over Artist, Rick Lance Studio

“Kurt is an extremely talented VO artist. He's got a great voice and is a real pro in every sense of the word.”

Steven Reisberg, VO Booth Director, TGMD Talent Agency

“Kurt's talent is not to be outdone by his generosity and good nature. I am also a voiceover artist and look forward to the day that I might actually work with him in the near future. Regards,
Bridget Brookman”

Bridget Bridget, California State University-Northridge

“Kurt's attention to detail and professionalism is un-surpassed......not to mention he's a great guy to work

with. A truly amazing talent!” 

Billy Craig, Owner/Partner, imusiccd.com

“If a picture is worth a thousand words.... strong voice messages must be worth at least 795. You must project a strong image when you do radio, online voice-over for streaming video presentations, podcast, even positive v/m and switchboard announcements. I believe professional voice work is a component of success, and a unified "image" with Kurt's voice across the enterprise is a subtle but powerful addition.”

Tibby Brown Parachute Manager, Venture Capital firm 

Hello Kurt,  my name is Ben Valks and founder of the Black Jaguar Foundation. So far your voice has made a very good impression in one 'boardroom' already.. and reactions from others are positive too..  We are happy with the result, thanks for your part of charity fee / contribution to the project.

Thanks for spreading the 'word' that Wild Black Jaguars still exists......, but that it's just a matter of time, if the illegal deforestation and hunting goes on!  90% of the total jaguar population of 1970 has already been wiped out!

You have great range. My favorite is the one that’s about 75% LaFontaine, 20% Morgan Freeman, and 5% Kiefer Sutherland.

Mike Kunert

Excellent. I'd hire you. Maybe if they'd hire me at CNN that could happen. Good work.

Shadoe Stevens

Hello Kurt!

 I have good News: my client approves your voice over work without changes! He was

really happy! 

 Thanks a lot for your professionalism. It was a great pleasure for me to work with you. Hopefully, we will see (or better hear) us
soon again..
 Best regards,
 Michel Schütz  
film und tv beratung / film & tv consulting München

Testimonial - Project "The Black Jaguar Foundation" http://blackjaguar.nl/

My experience from working with Kurt was far from great! He’s a really professional, flexible and friendly guy with a wonderful voice talent. I certainly would recommend
working with him. As for me, I’m really looking forward working with Kurt again.

Kurt, many thanks for your great work and effort!

David Velt
Visual Artist Producer & Video Compositing
NuGuRu BV, The Netherlands
A video shoots a 1.000 pictures!
Sounds really nice Kurt
Paul Sanders, Voice Artist

Lori Caldwell, Universal Studios - NBC [Formerly WB, Microsoft]


Steve Bryan, Voice Artist

The sound very professional, and it's my belief that they should help get you work. your voice work in it is great. Your voice on the documentary is also really good.  You should consider working as a local reporter... it can take you places.”

NICK PERNISCO, Formerly World Wide Wadio





JULIE O'DELL, Voice Actor

Number 1

in Page Views …

Number 1

on the Web …

Number 2

on Twitter!  LOL

Sounds great Kurt.  : ) Love that voice Dude! 

Lee Roth



Good demo! Nice job. They should definitely get you work/representation. The demos

really do sound pro.
Ben Hurst, Voice Artist Producer
2.36189 notches above brilliant!

William “Bill” Thomas, KABC –TV 7

Sounds better than just good....I don't get this industry at all.....you sound as good

or better than most guys doing this work.”
Denny Seiwell, Voice Actor, Recording Artist
“...thanks for sharing your demos with  me. They sound good!”
Leisa Jo Waller, Actress – Voice Artist


certainly have the pipes for the trailers… Commercial is got some good stuff as


Mark Comstock, Voice Artist

fine quality work xx”

“good work!
I really like the first 2 narration and commercial.
They are great!”
Jeff Olm, Dreamworks
 Kurt -
“You sound great! Now of course, every time I hear an ad, I am going to wonder!!! : ))
Wishing you the very best …!

They all sound great...send them around and keep good thoughts...thats where its at

now.  Hopefully you will find an agent that likes your sound and will send

you out on auditions.  No reason that shouldn't happen with these demos.
Good luck and have your self a merry one too!
Andrew Geller, ABC Television
Wonderful demos!!
Matthew Jay, Voice Artist – Actor

Thank you for the new demos.  I love them and forwarded to our CEO.  He

liked you the last time you talked and has mentioned you several times

since.  Good timing on the new demos 

I would love to work with you! 

Michelle M. Summers

Vice President - VoiceCasting.com
Hi Kurt,


movie trailer demo is fabulous! 

Jyll Gartin, Voice Artist

I was finally able to sit down & really listen to your demos!  Nice work,

Kurt!   You've CLEARLY been working at this and it shows! …

Again, nice work on these demos, Kurt! 
Krickett Davis, ABC Television

Your demos are really good. Your timing combined with the solid quality in your voice is makes for an excellent sound. I actually had another

VO actress listen to them just for an extra sounding board and she agreed.
Ike Amadi, Actor – Voice Artist

Kurt.....VERY impressive stuff...! 
Best, ART Vuolo, Vuolo Video

Sweeeeeeet!  Good stuff:) VERY 'well done':)

Mark DriscollMark Driscoll Productions

“…that is great, you're voice is so deep and resonant… keep it up man!”
Scott Acito, Voice Artist –CESD

Very funny stuff!
Steve Ponchaud, Program Director
The Bear – WIMK

Your voice is so HOT!

 This wasn’t fair...LOL

Ok, once I regrouped and was able to listen...LOL

Thanks for sharing this...LOL...love the second take....DOING NOT SO STRAIGHT
THINGS....oh the love of our job.




Deb Munro, Voice Acting Coach

Mic & Me

Excellent. Kurt, The narration demos I thought were superb.
Vic St John, Producer

“You have a fabulous voice made for Trailers and Promos and car spots! Great job and great production. I really do hope we can work together…”

Mary Price, Voice Artist TGMD

Impressive to say the least. That was excellent.

Brison Hardin, Producer
Imagine Home Theaters
This is a terrific…, you sound just great…
Leo Donato, Voice Talent – Actor TGMD


The girls and I gave a listen to your commercial demo and liked it overall. The order is good and has a nice mix/range.

Huck Liggett, Owner –

Producer, Casting Agent, The Voicecaster

Kurt –
I listened to your demos and they are really good!  I will definitely keep you in mind for stuff as it comes up –
--Becky Bonar, Casting Agent – Producer
The Famous Radio Ranch

Amazing voice! Some people were born to do this, obviously you were.

John Gallogly, Studio

Engineer, Creative Director, Voiceover Coach

Hi Kurt!
Very good sound flat and strong!

Wilson Versolato,

Voiceover Coach

Hey Kurt,
You sound fantabulous!

Robin Wolf, Copy

Writer, Studio Engineer, Creative Director

Robin Tower Productions

Hi Kurt

Enjoyed listening to some of your demos... great chops. Hope to cross paths sometime.

My best,


Linda Bard, Copy

Writer, Studio Engineer, Creative Director, Voiceover Coach

Nice chops! Love the trailer sound-


Amy Taylor, Winner of

the 2009 Voicey Awards in the "Best Female Voice" category!

Hi Kurt

:) Great trailer spot on your demo, by the way. I'm a big Kiefer fan.



Stephanie Ciccarelli, Copy

Writer, Creative Director

Wow, it's an honor to be your friend! Your work is amazing. Your advice will be golden.

 Shannon Holly, Copy Writer, Creative Director

Hey Kurt,
Keep up the good VO's!


Jurney, Voice Actor

Yeah "within these walls lies" a wild voice artist--Kurt Kelly he's SuperBad!!!

Good luck Kurt


Lallo, Voice

Actor, Voiceover Coach

Hi Kurt-

You sound great!! Love your work - Michigan to LA - very cool. I saw the list of charities you work with - awesome. All work we do to make a difference is commendable!

Continued success-


Donna Reed, Voice


Hey Kurt,

I read your quote and it really struck me. It is a breath of fresh air to hear someone think the way you do. I'm not surprised you're a member of the positive thinkers group. Nice to have you in the universe my friend! Oh ya, great demos too!

Greg Hamilton, Voice Actor

You have a wonderful voice!! All the best,

~Heather Costa,

Voiceover Coach, Vocal Coach

Good Stuff, my good man.
JIM TASKER, Voice Actor

your demo is


Sunday Muse, Voice Actor, Voiceover Coach

Kurt Kelly
Testimonials, References and Recommendations
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