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Important Notice Regarding Your AT&T Account - OSC DI-16-0963 KK-LVI NOTICE OF FEDERAL COURT ACTION PENDING

Important Notice Regarding Your AT&T Account - OSC DI-16-0963 

Important Notice Regarding Your AT&T Account - OSC... @livevideoinc @kurtkelly @1disasterrelief @rainforestfilm -- at AT&T Stadium.


Important Notice, AT&T, Account, OSC DI-16-0963, KK-LVI, NOTICE, FEDERAL COURT, ACTION, PENDING, Kurt Kelly (Entrepreneur), Live Video Inc (company), Disaster Relief Inc [NGO - NonPtofit], DOJ, RICO, 

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On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 12:41 PM, KURT KELLY  wrote:
I do not have the time, nor the desire to help you build you case. Clearly the fraud and other AT&T mistakes have cost us a literal fortunate directly caused by AT&T. However to mitigate, check on each of these accounts and pull the email history from your staff, the time however will not change:

AT&T business support center number: 866-288-7629
4052538721 Brooke Mitchell - Tammy Tuggle Executive Resolutions

3/20/14 Tiana Budgewater AT&T U-verse Executive Support at 877-305-2243; PIN code 426617

2-24-14 Melissa with AT&T Executive Support 877-305-2243 Pin Code# 612220

Kevin Stella - AT&T Executive Appeals
8-5pm Central 
Located in Chicago

ATTENTION: OUT OF THE OFFICE-December 12-17,2013 I WILL NO ACCESS TO EMAILS OR VOICEMAIL I will respond to all emails by Wednesday, December 18, 2013.
If you need immediate assistance, please contact: John Benavides @  800 578 0015 or email:
Thank you for your email. 
Winback Support Order Inquiry:  888-220-1100
Account Changes, General Questions and Billing:  800-750-2355
If you have an out of service condition, please refer to the following list for your needs:
Please issue a repair ticket at:
AT&T Customer Assistance Bureau (Repair):  611 or 866-346-1168 - For assistance with POTS voice service, line feature issues, and other voice quality issues relating to POTS.
AT&T MIS tech support:  888-613-6330
Priority Repair:  800-332-1321 - For assistance with Centrex, HiCap T-1 service, Primary Rate ISDN (PRI), and Supertrunk.
VOIP/IP Flex support:  877-288-8362 - For assistance with IP Flex and BVOIP.
AT&T Data Services Customer Care:  800-870-9007 - For assistance with NON-INTERNET connected Frame Relay, ATM, and IMA circuits.
AT&T Internet Network Operations Center:  866-937-3664 - For assistance with INTERNET connected HiCap point-to-point T1, Frame Relay, ATM, and Integrated Access circuits.
To further assist you, I have provided the following numbers:
IP Billing Support (MIS, IP Flex and VDNA):  800-235-7524
AT&T Yahoo! DSL Support:  877-722-3755
AT&T DSL (not AT&T Yahoo!) Support:  877-937-5288 or

Regional Manager – Daniel Galvan (818-731-7569, Sonnet Ring or Ether) he referred you to Ashley who then referred you to AMC Acquisition, if they have not contacted you by now, give them a call 5-15-12

Dawne Gardner - ISDN Installation Service Rep
Work: 818-247-0053
Mobile: 323+314-4998

Randall L. Stephenson, (Chairman, President and CEO) chairman of the board AT&T

Justin Williams xt 2855 800-283-6407
Richard Burns 404-986-8614

(Chairman, President and CEO) chairman of the board AT&T 615-367-7000
5.11.12  Birthday April 22, 1960

John Donovan, Technology & Network jd
Bill Smith, President bs
Randy Tomlin, Universe Field rt

CEO Contact Information Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President
Randall L. Stephenson Jr. (wife: Lenise Stephenson)
5404 Walnut Hill Ln.
Dallas, Texas 75229
210-351-5401 (Secretary/Personal Assisstant) 

CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS AT&T* CEO Randall L. Stephenson 208 South Akard Street Dallas, Texas 75202-4206 Phone: 210-821-4105
101 West Broadway San Diego, CA 92102 Phone (800) 310-2355

Karo Chebishyan - Manager for Tech Support in the Glendale area

 John Cluff can advise which network name is for which account, since it has recently changed again:


Wireless Number:   (310) 694-1044
Foundation Account Number:   06100867

Live Video Inc. Account #: 118637413 [business Internet] Live Video LA

Favorite Singer: REDACTED

Federal Tax ID #: 37-REDACTED

310-579-5793 (Malibu #)
347-497-3842 (NY #)

Los Angeles, CA 90042

Angela/Angie AW5132

Employees spoken to on 5.11.12
Crystal - CC6129
Renee - CS8972
Account #: 118587327
Case #: G24938775
Date: 11/1/2013 [mci long-distance 1010222]

u/n kurtkellylvi1

ISDN Circuit 12IBZX000030-001PT
SPID1 = 323-256-2290-0101 [32325622900101]
SPID2 = 323-256-2007-0101 [32325620070101]

Re Account Number: 323-256-2290 019

Dear Shawndra:

This is to confirm that your order request, Tracking Number: 103013OSW59129AB has been issued.

Following are the order details:

BTN: (323) 256-2290 Order #: N75530197 Due Date: 11/15/2013 Product: ISDN BRI (Basic)

Issued order for 1 new isdn bri line telos zephyr. Service/Billing Address: REDACTED. Business/Listed name: Live video la. Due date 11/15 between 8a-12p tech install 1 jack. Circuit id 12IBZX000030-001PT. Btn B1 channnel 323-256-2290, Telephone # B2 channel 323-256-2293.

Kurt Kelly Uverse account [house backup tv/internet] LVI1
account number:   110811714 
user:  kurtkellylvi
pw            REDACTED
M-F 8-7, S 8-5 Billing 858-576-8708

Phone fax: 323-999-7909

    Live Video Inc 
u/n kurtkelly  p/w REDACTED
account #    337043460262, circuit number 213-321-0530                
pass code question answers: REDACTED

Connect Tech Remote Service, Support Plus monthly subscription: 

Ticket number: A1866876

Personal Reference number: 9999 158 60145 


email on 5-24-12

Samuel Kaufman <>, Justin Williams <>, "Randall L. Stephenson" <>, "Randall L. Stephenson" <>,  Karo Chebishyan <>, Daniel Galvan <>, Ashley - AT&T Customer Service <>, "Tier 2 Tech sup (MESA) – Chris AT&T" <>, Brandon Reed - AT&T Tier 2 Sup <>, "AT&T Manager Dispatch (escalated call)" <>, AT&T Mario <>, AT&T Mario Ossorio <>, AT&T Velma <>, AT&T Tier 2 Tech Support <>, AT&T Tier 2 Tech Support <>, AT&T Retention Dept - David <>, "MASRELIAN, GARABET" <>, "William B. Schaeffler" <>, ANTHONY X FISHER <>, Brian Kelley <>, Matthew Peterson <>, Christian Camarero <>
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Kurt Kelly
"The Voice Of Experience"  © SM, TM
Executive Producer/Director-Voice Artist/Actor, Founder

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 12:33 PM, HENNESSY, CYNTHIA L (Legal) <> wrote:
Please explain what you mean by “holds” and “corrections/additions.”  If you can articulate the issue, I can try to assist.

Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2016 12:20 PM
REDACTEDREDACTED; Theida Salazar <>; U.S. Office of Special Counsel’s (OSC) <>
Subject: Re: Important Notice Regarding Your AT&T Account

Failure to remove holds, and/or make all corrections/additions, etc.  on all REDACTED, Live Video Inc and all related  AT&T Accounts before 5 PM PST today will result in personal and corporate lawsuits.  Additionally, Randall L. Stephenson, (Chairman, President and CEO) chairman of the board AT&T; must call and speak with Kurt Kelly personally regarding all of the fraud, and violations, or we all go to Federal Court.

Act accordingly.

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 11:39 AM, HENNESSY, CYNTHIA L (Legal) <> wrote:
Mr. Kelly, please review the email below and comply.  To reiterate, you are no longer to contact any other AT&T employees, by any means, and you are no longer welcome in our stores or other locations.

Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 5:00 PM
Subject: Important Notice Regarding Your AT&T Account

Dear Mr. Kelly,

Your service and billing complaints have been forwarded to me for handling.  To address your complaints, your two personal lines have been reactivated while I investigate this matter.

In the past few days, you have left several verbally abusive and threatening voicemails for one of our valued employees.   While you are important to us as a customer, this is obviously not acceptable and is in violation of the terms of our agreement with you.  We respectfully ask you cease this behavior and not put us in a position to have to escalate the situation.  Our representatives are trained to help customers and should not be subjected to any type of verbal abuse, harassment or threatening conduct.

I will be your sole point of contact at AT&T going forward.  All such contact must be in writing.  Due to your voicemails and the fear you have caused, you are no longer permitted to visit any AT&T store or any other AT&T facility, including any business officer, other retail store, work center, maintenance facility or the associated parking areas of these AT&T properties.  I do understand that you were in our Westwood store this afternoon, and have requested additional lines be added to your personal account, as well as installation of Digital Life.

I will follow up with you by the end of this week with an update on your complaints and account requests. Should you wish to provide any additional information for my consideration, please send the information to me directly at the email address listed below.   

Cynthia Hennessy

Cynthia Hennessy | Executive Director – Senior Legal Counsel | AT&T Mobility LLC |
This e-mail message and any files transmitted with it are the property of AT&T and its affiliates, are confidential, and are intended solely for the named recipient(s) above.  DO NOT FORWARD this message without my approval.  It may contain information that is privileged, attorney work product or exempt from disclosure under applicable law.  If you receive this e-mail message in error, please notify me and delete the message and any attachments from your computer.  Thank you.

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