Monday, November 17, 2014

Movie Review: AS NIGHT COMES

In a time where Anti-bullying is being taken as a very

serious matter, the new movie AS NIGHT COMES; hopes

to bring the matter home for a more serious look. While avoiding 

gratuitous violence, this film is a timely look at an epidemic 

problem today.

Every once in a while, a movie leaves you feeling a little 

disturbed, a little haunted, and the characters stay with you 

long after you’ve left the theater. Richard Zelniker’s gritty 

high school indie film, AS NIGHT COMES, does just that

 Featuring a talented cast of emerging talent including Luke 

Baines (The Ever After), Myko Olivier (Castle), Evanne 

Friedmann (iCarly) , Stacia Hitt (Neighbors) and Jesse Kove 

(Bunyan), As Night Comes follows the plight of lost and 

troubled new kid, Sean Holloway, who falls in with a group of 

teenage outcasts called “The Misfits” and under the wing of 

its dysfunctional yet charismatic leader, Ricky.

The film is seen through the eyes of Sean as he navigates 

his way through high school, his friendship with anarchist 

Ricky, and his broken home life. The film has a raw, almost 

documentary-like feel- you’re not just watching Sean, but 

drawn into his world. Unlike so many mainstream movies, in 

which teen characters annoyingly rattle off the perfect glib 

line or witty retort, the characters in As Night Comes sound 

and feel like real teenagers. Even Ricky, the most articulate 

of all of them, is believable as he utters his philosophies 

about non-conformism. Not surprising, since the co-writer, 

Ryan Koehn, was 16 years old when he penned the script 

with Zelniker.

There’s also a beautiful quietness to the film that is so rare 

these days- it’s a quietness that only a sure-handed director 

can accomplish, who is brave and confident enough to be 

quiet. And then when there is noise – violence, chaos, a 

song from the very cool soundtrack- it explodes, and its 

impact is undeniable. 

As Night Comes is an unconventional film by today’s 

standards- or at least, today’s American standards. The 

quiet unfolding of its story is reminiscent of European films, 

and Zelniker chooses to demonstrate great restraint when 

depicting violence, instead of relying on the grotesque, 

dehumanizing images that plague so many movie these 

days. As Night Comes is at once simple and complicated, 

sad and exhilarating. It’s captivating, and you will continue to 

feel it long after you’ve seen it.

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