Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vanity International Press Names Kurt Kelly “Signature Voice”

OCTOBER 3, 2013
By: Kari Bothwell

Vanity International Press Names Kurt Kelly “Signature Voice” of all Future Works of the Publishing House

Founded in 2011 Vanity International Press is the publishing house of authors.  Formed by Melissa English and Rafael De Regil, the house focuses on developing and nurturing new talent and publishing the works of new authors.  Melissa English has been writing for 24 years and has 17 titles published to her name; she has been published by traditional publishing houses and knows the confusion which is out there in the market for new authors which are starting out.

Melissa commented, “When you are first starting out you really feel all alone out there as though there is no one to turn to.  At Vanity International Press we want to nurture new talent and get them into the spotlight without letting new authors fall into the trap of a “Print on Demand” publisher or wait forever to land a traditional publishing deal.  One thing that often is misunderstood is that the entire process takes about 6 months to query, and from that moment a year and a half until the book is out.  In the days of digital media, that is just way too long.”
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Kurt Kelly, “The Voice of Experience” has been named the official voice of Vanity International Press for all audiobooks coming out in the future.  With his brilliant voice, and penetrating warmth of sound, he brings a new level of passion and verve which is currently unavailable in the audio book world.  By truly entrenching himself in the characters he is able to deliver a read which would be challenging for anyone of lesser talent.  In addition to the signature voice of Vanity International Press, Kurt is also the signature voice of all of the works of Melissa English.

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With 30 years of voice over experience as well as broadcasting experience his delivery is unmatched and unparalleled anywhere on the market.

Melissa commented, “Kurt’s voice is one of richness and depth which leaves the listener yearning to hear the next scene and anticipating the next page of the book.  He truly takes narration to a new art form.  It is the swan’s performance of narration.”

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