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Michigan Native KURT KELLY

Michigan Native KURT KELLY

Michigan Native KURT KELLY- the Signature Voice Over artist is well known for his passion in voice over skills. He is known as remarkable voice for Sony Entertainment Television’s PIX Television Network, he delivers commendable voice over performances in the movie trailers and promos. Professionalism, promptness, dedication and trust are few positive factors that enhance Kurt’s personality.

Kurt Kelly is working as a perfect anchor for Broadcasting to Broader-casting; the NAB. Show has evolved over the last eight decades to continually lead this ever-changing industry. From creation to consumption, the NAB Show has proudly served as the incubator for excellence -- helping to breathe life into content everywhere.

David Velt, Visual Artist Producer & Video Composing “My experience from working with Kurt was far from great! He’s a really professional, flexible and friendly guy with a wonderful voice talent. I certainly would recommend working with him. As for me, I’m really looking forward working with Kurt again”

Kurt’s a pro, detailed oriented, Meticulous, passionate and committed - he's the multi-talented individual you want for your production to be executed seamlessly. Kurt Kelly is an out and out performer. Loves experimenting and must say gets wonderful results every time. Kurt Kelly is the most motivating and inspiring leader who have has always set benchmarks for his work.

“Kurt has a world of experience behind him... a solid performance and sound with a lot
of "gut and soul" to his work.” Rick Lance, Voice Over Artist, Rick Lance Studio.

Kurt Kelly is an honest, hard working and passionate strategist. Kurt is Innovative,
intelligent, loyal and energetic with deep and practical proficiency. He has ability to
focus on many tasks at once. He shows all the time a strong experience in different
areas. Kurt takes his talents and business confidence seriously and he is considered as the
perfect mix due to his abilities. Kurt’s varied career includes domestic and international
voice over for TV, network and radio commercials, promos/imaging, movie trailers,
documentaries, animation, video games and infomercials.

Kurt Kelly deploys a beautiful combination of hard and smart work to get things done
with constant urge to improve things and discover ways to do things in a smarter way,
make Kurt Kelly stand out in a team.

Kelly's voice conveys strength, warmth, sincerity, trustworthiness and reliability.
Kelly’s gregarious and playful voice over work can be heard daily on PIX, India's finest
Hollywood movie channel. Kurt Kelly’s award-winning vocal talent and personality shot
him to the national spotlight in radio, television, film, and live performances.

Kelly is one of the most professional and hardworking figures in the entertainment
industry. His experience and knowledge of the industry makes him a sure bet for any
project. He is internationally recognized not only for his impressive voice, but for his dedication, innovation, and for being an all-around terrific guy. His voice stays ahead of the competition. Experience and learn more about Kurt Kelly at

Kurt Kelly Testimonials, References and Recommendations

Kurt Kelly
Testimonials, References and Recommendations

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Kurt Kelly
Testimonials, References and Recommendations
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